Sugar Free Grocery List

On Monday, I posted about how Alex and I are doing a little sugar detox” after watching Fed Up , and a few people have asked what our groceries looked like. Grocery shopping was definitely tricky because we had to check labels on everything. We did one grocery trip to Kroger on Saturday and one to Trader Joe’s on Tuesday. I’ll divide up our list based on what was easy to buy and what took a little bit of digging. I’ve also included the brands we found with no added sugars.
I should also clarify- we’re not totally getting rid of sugar. We’re still eating a little bit of fruit and we’re eating sugars that naturally occur in some dairy foods and things like that. Basically, we’re just trying to get rid of added sugars. I also haven’t had stevia for the past week, to see if that would help with eliminating my sugar cravings and my tolerance to sweetness. I think I’m going to start adding it back in, in moderation this week.
Ok, onto the groceries! This photo isn’t everything so I’ve listed everything below, but I thought it might be easier for you to find these brands if you saw the picture!
Here’s what I purchased, divided up by what was a no brainer and what took some hunting:
Easy things to buy with no added sugar: Peaches, blueberries, sweet potatoes, zucchini. bananas, clementines, arugula, onion, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, hummus, Tzaziki, almonds, almond milk, black beans, chickpeas, canellini beans.
Here are the things that I had to double check to find one’s with no sugar:
Peanut Butter (I got the Krema/Crazy Richard’s brand)
Spaghetti Sauce ( Rao’s Tomato Basi l is SO good, and sugar free!)
Cereal (Kashi 9 Grain is one of the few cereals with no added sugar)
Frozen pizza (we went with Trader Joe’s arugula pizza)
Frozen spelt risotto (another delicious Trader Joe’s frozen meal)
Air popped popcorn (Trader Joe’s)
Greek yogurt (Fage 0% is what I always buy anyway, and there’s no added sugar)
Frozen berries (I usually buy the Kroger brand which has no added sugar, but be sure to check!)
Salad Dressing ( Drew’s has a bunch of dressings with no added sugar)
Prepackaged Ravioli (Trader Joe’s Arugula & ricotta)
There were some things that didn’t surprise me at all. (Of course most cereal has sugar in it.) But SO many frozen/pre-packaged dinners we looked at had added sugar in them. Maybe that shouldn’t be surprising, since I’m usually skeptical of packaged food anyway, but the fact that it was in almost everything was pretty eye opening. I’m glad we found a few options without sugar since it’s nice to have those things on hand for busy evenings. We’ve been trying to tackle a lot of house projects lately so sometimes making dinner just doesn’t happen. Having some frozen options on hand makes it a lot easier!
I should also mention, I purchased I Quit Sugar and it arrived last night!
Even though we’re not necessarily following the 8 week detox plan, I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It’s taught me even more about how our bodies respond to different types of sugar and I think the recipes will be really helpful. If you’re interested in a full review of the book, let me know!
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