Vegan Crepes

This is our vegan crepes recipe, even if you’re not vegan you’re gonna love it! These crepes are so spongy and soft with a delicious vanilla flavor. We’ve used homemade … Continue Reading

Vegan Coconut Chocolate Bounty Balls Recipe

Vegan Coconut Chocolate Bounty Balls RecipeOOoooo bounty balls! Do you remember the non-vegan chocolate bar called Bounty? It was a milk chocolate bar filled with a soft coconut centre. I … Continue Reading

Vegan Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls

It’s one of my favourite flavour combinations ever.Really anything with coconut has my heart. Well except for fresh coconut or coconut water…I’ve tried so hard to like coconut water because … Continue Reading

Sugar Free Skinny Limeade

Sugar free, skinny limeade server with fresh berries – light and refreshing, low calories, great for summer!Sugar Free Skinny LimeadeHappy almost Memorial Day guys!Today’s recipe is for very easy and … Continue Reading