Deviled Egg Easy Recipe

An always changing vegetable salad with tasty creamy filled deviled eggs. The perfect company for any meat dish but it’s even flawless on its own.

As I lately have some time, I had been looking on the web the other day. Looking for new, stirring tips, inspirational recipes that I have never tasted before, to amaze my family with. Looking for quite some time yet could not find any interesting stuff. Right before I wanted to give up on it, I ran across this yummy and easy dessert simply by chance. The dessert looked so fabulous on its photo, it required rapid actions.

It was not so difficult to imagine just how it’s made, its taste and how much my hubby might like it. Mind you, it is quite easy to delight the guy in terms of puddings. Anyhow, I went to the website: Suncakemom and followed the comprehensive instuctions which were accompanied by nice photographs of the task. It just makes life faster and easier. I could imagine that it is a slight hassle to shoot snap shots in the middle of cooking in the kitchen because you most often have sticky hands so that i seriously appreciate the effort and time she placed in to build this post .

With that in mind I am empowered presenting my personal recipes similarly. Appreciate your the idea.

I had been tweaking the original formula to make it for the taste of my family. I can say it was an incredible outcome. They enjoyed the flavor, the thickness and loved getting a sweet like this during a busy workweek. They quite simply demanded even more, a lot more. So the next occasion I am not going to commit the same mistake. I’m likely to twin the quantity to get them delighted.

Deviled Egg Keto is from Suncakemom.


Dice up all the ingredients to equal size. As we have peas we have to cut them up to the size of peas to cook them evenly.

Cook the carrots and peas until the carrots are tender, for about 10 minutes.

When the the vegetables are done drain the water and cool the vegetables under running cold water until cool to the touch.

Meanwhile the vegetables are cooking, prepare the mayo. Check out here how to make homemade mayonnaise.

Mix mayonnaise with the sour cream and set aside about a cup of it for the deviled eggs.

When the vegetables are cooked, cooled and drained mix them with the apple, cheese then add them into the mayo sour cream mixture. Mind not to add warm ingredients into mayonnaise as that will break the emulsion.

The vegetables salad is done. Put it into a big enough bowl or tray and place it into the fridge to cool down for a couple of hours.

Deviled eggs:

Boil the eggs for about 15 minutes. Add a half teaspoon of baking soda to the water which will facilitate the peeling of eggs in case we have too fresh eggs.

Peel the eggs, cut them in half and take the hard yolk out into a bowl.

Gradually mix about a cup of previously prepared sour cream mayo with the egg yolks until we get the desired consistency. Mind that it will harden a bit in the fridge. This is the time to add the optional pepper, paprika and our favorite spices and herbs as well.

Fill the mixed yolk back into the hardened egg whites.

Place the deviled eggs into the fridge to cool down for an hour or until serving.


Vegetable salad and deviled eggs don’t require special attention when putting them together. We can simply place the eggs on top of the salad in the bowl but of course we can let our imagination run wild and plate it as fancy as our skills let us to do so.

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