Coconut Ice Vegan

This is a cute dessert you can make for parties. It doesn’t require many ingredients and is relatively easy.Coconut+Ice+Vegan+_147

It does require a bit of time for preparation and setting but it is worth the wait. You can play around with different colors and modify it with dates/bananas to make a raw version.

  • 8.75 ounces icing sugar
  • 8.75 ounces desiccated coconut

Put all the ingredients for the condensed milk in a pot.
Bring to the boil then turn the heat down to medium for 2 hours.
Once cooled, add icing sugar and coconut to the condensed milk. It should be the consistency of pastry dough.
Split the mixture into two. Add a few drops of color into one to turn it pink.
Spread the white mixture into a glass dish, then top it with the pink mixture. Refrigerate overnight.

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